The drafting of is currently made up of 2 members "stable" and some occasional collaborators. The activity of the website dates back to early 1999 hosted on free web space, then we realized in 2001 a multimedia CD on Mussomeli and improved in 2005 on DVD titled "Mussomeli Live" made available the then Municipal Administration, with the aim to promote and disseminate knowledge in history and culture of Mussomeli, known for its medieval castle of the XIV century, through the distribution of support for tourists visiting the Castle Manfredonico. But despite the media put out the initiative and interesting content on the DVD, there was a result of our initiative and remained in the database of authors, so today we have to disclose parts of DVDs, transferring to December 2006, ALTERVISTA on the website at: or at short: Ampliandoli with additional data that currently are collected and then added to the site. The purpose of the site is to disseminate and make known the town of Mussomeli, with historical depth, using of films and photographic services, local news and national current affairs and is in continuous expansion and updates. This initiative is basa exclusively on its own and has no direct sponsors.